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How to beat online slot machines

What online casinos don't want you to know

Want to find out the best way to win at online casino slots?

Read on and you will discover a proven mathematical strategy to beat some online slots that allow me to be on the winning side, with little investment and a lot of return!
The winning method for online slot machines published here has been scientifically developed by myself to play and win slots in some online casinos, but not all of them. It would be too nice if that were the case...

Well, the system is the result of an in-depth study of the algorithms of electronic slot machines and of the "key time" programmed to release the winnings.

Before putting into practice the method you are about to learn about, over several years I have produced numerous tests using the best statistical software in the field of probability, and I have tried and tested it for millions of spins on both old and new slots recently launched in the online casino.

Therefore, before launching myself into the real game, I study the algorithms of the slots for a long time and mathematically and then I look for (when I find) their weak point to attack them by playing them with various systems that I have developed. I have therefore reached the point of being able to say that mere luck, in my case, affects the max. of 10% and therefore, to win at online slots it is absolutely necessary to "study" them with modern electronic systems that fortunately I have available.

I state and wish to clarify that the undersigned, as author of the system, assumes no responsibility for any loss of money and/or for use other than educational, with regard to the application of the system contained in this site. I do not promise and DO NOT guarantee winnings to anyone as it is all based solely on my personal experience. If you decide to apply the information to play for real money, you remain solely responsible for the performance of your account. By continuing to read this site you agree to these terms.
Maybe you're wondering why divulge this method to others when I could keep it secret just for myself?
Paradoxically, I'm almost "obligated" to disclose it to others, since, getting frequent winnings in the casinos involved, I can't continue indefinitely, simply to avoid the risk of having my account closed as an "unwelcome customer". To tell the truth, this has already happened to me a few times and in those cases, however, I continued to play and win, but under other pseudonyms and with the name of willing relatives… But I still don't know how long before being discovered. Anyway I hope not.

It should be known that many online casinos are implementing the STS-EGSE software in their systems, a defense system, let's call it that, which manages to identify those players who adopt gaming systems that make them win continuously. After that, they proceed to get rid of those customers simply by closing their gaming account with some trivial excuse after paying them one last win. This is exactly what I want to avoid, and why I'm making my online slots strategy public. Basically, I no longer want to be the only one playing this amazing mathematical system to beat the slots I play on a regular basis. However, as far as I know, the online casinos where I play regularly have not yet implemented the aforementioned software in their systems, but for how long I still don't know.

Of course I don't play on the same site every day and on the same slots, but every now and then I try to diversify my presence by making some bets on some other game such as roulette or blackjack, just so as not to be monotonous in the eyes of online casinos.


I have obviously tried to apply the same game strategy for a certain slot machine where I normally win, even in other online casinos that have the same game, but the harsh reality is that since the game software is most likely set up with different algorithms among the various online casinos, unfortunately the result is rather disappointing. So, I feel I can say that, although I have tested the same slots in various online casinos that have the same game, they do not behave the same way everywhere, and in practice this system is not a pass to all doors.

Therefore, what I am about to reveal works ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY in the online casinos mentioned below.

So, for those tired of wasting their money playing haphazard slots trying their luck here and there, I'm happy to explain my strategy, which (at least for me) produces repeat winnings when played on the following slots:

SLOT: White Rabbit (BTG) - Gypsy Rose (Betsoft) - Pharaohs Temple (Felix Gaming) - Cash Patrols (Pragmatic Play)

SLOT: Roman Legend (Ruby Play) - Corrida Romance Deluxe (Wazdan) -15 Dragon Pearls (Booongo) - Irish Lucky Dice (Spinomenal)

SLOT: Jackpot 6000 (NetEnt) - Italia 3x3 (1x2 Gaming) - Ice Queens (1x2 Gaming) - Blazing Bull: Cash Quest (Kalamba Games)

SLOT: Opal Fruits (BTG) - Immortal Romance (Microgaming) - Jackpot 6000 (NetEnt) - Marlin Catch (Stakelogic)

SLOT: Blood Suckers (NetEnt) - Route 777 (Elk Studios) - White King (Playtech) - Green Chilli (Booongo) - Queen of Ice Expanded Edition (*RTP 87.84% by Spinomenal)


First of all, when registering in a new casino I try to deposit as much as possible to take advantage of the welcome bonus that is normally offered to new customers, which allows me to start with a capital that is generally double the amount deposited. By doing this, I basically play with the free money given by the casino while keeping my spare. However, they still don't know that I won't need to use their own money to play and that once the game system is activated and the so-called "Playthrough" imposed by the bonus received has passed, in 90% of cases I will start accumulating winnings on my I count!

Generally speaking, the slots I play on have an RTP - Return To Player - percentage payout to the player, no less than 95% and a rather high minimum bet (so I try to avoid those that have a very low minimum bet ).

The method is based on starting to bet for the first 30 spins the minimum amount allowed by the chosen slot, then from the 31st to the 50th spin you have to double the previous bet (regardless of whether you are winning or losing), then from 51st to the 70th spin it is necessary to return to the initial minimum bet, and finally from the 71st to the 80th spin triple the value of the initial bet by X3.

    Here is a practical example:  

  • From the 1st to the 30th round we decide to bet €0.50 for each round
   Required capital €15.00

  • From the 31st to the 50th round we then bet €1.00 for each round (doubling the value of previous bets)
  Required capital €20.00

  • From the 51st to the 70th round we return to the initial bet €0.50 for each round (Value of the initial bet)    
   Required capital €10.00

  • From 71st to the 80th round we then bet €1.50 for each round (tripling the initial bet value)
   Required capital €15.00

* Of course the above changes according to the value of the initial bet that we decide to make.

Normally, after 30-40 spins, the slots in question start releasing bonuses, free spins and consistent winnings!

Since not all the slots I play offer the option of betting €0.50 or €1.00 per spin, so you need to adjust your bet as follows: €0.60 and then €1.20 and so on. Obviously you can bet the minimum offered by the slot you have decided to play in to see how things go, and then once you have verified the goodness of the system, possibly switch to bets of a more consistent value. However, this is a decision that everyone takes for themselves, based on their financial resources.

Once the above steps are completed, there is a 93.7% probability that, as stated above, the system manages to obtain repeat winnings in the casinos described above, in a completely legal and honest way. In fact, you are not cheating anyone, you are just playing a system that does not violate any rule of law or online casinos.

 Remember it is completely legal to win and get paid!!!  

However, sometimes the operation has to be repeated several times to obtain a positive result. If you get lost in the above game sequence in counting the spins due to free spins and various bonuses, then I recommend that you always start over and therefore from the first point.

I would like to reiterate again that the above is based on my own experience playing real money slot machines in the casinos described above and that I am constantly alternating between them.

Now you have the easiest and most profitable way to beat online slots!

Good luck!

P.S. I cannot guarantee that this system will be able to remain published on the site indefinitely.

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